CasaWorks has taken an entirely new approach to the home automation and controls market. Our years of experience as custom integrators; designing, installing and servicing custom automation solutions has given us first hand knowledge in what make up the key factors necessary to successfully operate a systems integration business. We put all of this knowledge to work creating products that are reliable, easy to use and easy to upgrade.

CasaWorks' products provide interactive control using standard devices such as existing security keypads, thermostats, and light switches but also allow easy setup and control of the home's systems through a graphical user interface on a touch panel display (i.e. touch screen LCD, tablet PC, or PDA). CasaWorks' hardware products use an open architecture approach incorporating many off-the-shelf components to ensure low-cost as well as compatibility with the emerging convergence between home entertainment and computer technologies.

Most other solutions in the market are custom closed-architecture systems for high-end custom homes and commercial building automation. Our open architecture allows us to select the best in class hardware to provide a custom solution for our customers.

CasaWorks' strength as a software company allows us to provide support for a wide variety components from many industry leading manufactures.

Quality Policy of CasaWorks, Inc.

The management and employees are committed to;

  • Being flexible and responsive in meeting Customer requirements
  • On time, defect-free delivery of the product and services to the Customer
  • Employee development and empowerment through continued education and training
  • Development of strategic supplier partnerships
  • Providing leading edge technology and capabilities development
  • Demonstrated continual improvement through the use of a practical and effective Business Management System


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