Professional Services Network

CasaWorks Professional Services are setting new standards for the custom automation and controls industry. As part of our strategy for providing world class service we are developing the CasaWorks Professional Services Network (PSN). The PSN is designed to create a business-to-business network of highly qualified professionals — experts in their respective fields — and let members take advantage of new business opportunities by leveraging the strength of the network’s resources.

Members levels include systems specifiers, designers, project managers, installers, integrators, programmers, and technical support specialists. A PSN member company may provide one or all of these levels of service. The level of service provided are based on each PSN members qualification, training and experience with CasaWorks control solutions. CasaWorks will be working exclusively with companies who have proven experience in the industry to provide the hardware, software, tools and training necessary for them to provide world class service with our custom solutions.

Member companies will be listed in the CasaWorks PSN Directory and will have the opportunity to bid projects with CasaWorks or other PSN member companies. The PSN will provide a means for a member company to extend its own resources on an as-needed basis. CasaWorks PSN can provide additional resources in the areas of design, programming, and support. Following a proven process, the CasaWorks PSN will work with the architect or contractor on a project to provide the necessary services to complete the project on-time and within budget.

CasaWorks provides state-of-the-art, innovative products that are a critical part of any member's formula for success. But effective quality control, training and support programs provided by CasaWorks are equally important.

World-Class Quality
At CasaWorks, quality is a company-wide mission. It starts with a team of experienced engineers who have years of design, manufacturing, and quality control experience These qualified experts use the company's ISO 9001 manufacturing processes and rigorous testing procedures which are designed to virtually eliminate system failures. We strive to ensure that every CasaWorks solution meets the highest standards turning great technology into the best possible control solutions.

After installation, our support technicians, PSN coordinators, and customer service representatives continue to collect and report feedback and suggestions to improve performance and add new features in response to customer feedback. This minimizes returns, eliminates frustration, and creates satisfied, lifetime customers.

Experienced Technical Support
At CasaWorks, we are committed to providing our customers with a complete range of technical support options. Technicians working at our network operations center are always available during business hours to address questions and resolve problems. CasaWorks even offers on-site support for large installations or complex issues through the PSN Support Specialists which are comprised of CasaWorks field applications engineers, industry consultants and CasaWorks highly experienced PSN Integrators.

Together, these support programs and resources ensure that problems are resolved quickly and offer our customers the highest level of service.

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