Cielo™ Studio

Configuration Tools and Utilities


Now in Cielo™ Studio 2.0, a dynamic drag-n-drop graphical environment and new enhanced system configuration tools makes installation and customization of CasaWorks products even easier. These features are the result of a revolutionary new network transparent architecture found only in CasaWorks' Cielo™ Automation Framework, that make all devices, services, and user interface elements network aware.


  • Unique drag and drop configuration of all system components and devices
  • Dynamic real-time editing of any CasaWorks controller on the LAN or over the Internet
  • Network aware browser with auto-discovery of system components and user interfaces
  • Management of network configurations and profiles on all controllers in the system
  • Fully integrated drag and drop user interface design tools for real-time user interface creation on any target device


  • New network aware browser and editing tools to configure multiple CasaWorks HLM controllers and attached system components over the network
  • User defined project hierarchy for defining project control areas, (i.e. 1st floor, bedroom)
  • User interface design templates and various theme artwork for generating user interfaces
  • Import of custom artwork for user interface development
  • New real-time feedback and state full inspection of all components in the system
  • Dynamic rendering technology with design time selection for user interface component presentation
  • Design templates for various user display devices provides support for PDA, 16x9 wide format displays, and normal 4x3 formats.
  • Full auto scaling, font support and dynamic backgrounds for generating screen savers or dynamic background for touch panel designs
  • Support for native windowing systems and graphical controls/widgets
  • Real-time diagnostics of connected system components over the LAN or WAN network connection (i.e. RS-232 command string inspection)
  • New Installer tools for all supported Z-Wave components
  • IR code import utility, IR learning, and IR code editor
  • Expanded component controller library for supported industry partners
  • Configuration of Cielo™ Media Services for streaming content and integration of applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Media Player, and Microsoft Media Center 2005.


Cielo™ Automation Framework 
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