Cielo™ Automation Framework

Unique Software, One-of-a-Kind Products

CasaWorks' latest release of the Cielo™ Automation Framework will set new standards for control software in the automation and controls industry. This software framework supports auto-discovery and control of devices on the IP network and is the first network aware control framework available. Cielo delivers more capabilities than UPnP (Universal Plug-n-Play) technology and it is more compact and efficient than Java or other proprietary technologies currently being used by other control system manufacturers. The latest Cielo™ features make Cielo™ enabled products the easiest products in the industry to install, configure, and support.

Cielo™ Automation Framework

Cielo™ was the first product on the market to provide an "out-of-the-box" user interface for all supported devices that required no programming of the button functionality in the system. The product provided the same support for interfaces developed in the popular Macromedia Flash environment allowing easy creation of fully custom user interfaces that can be served from any CasaWorks controller.

Now in Cielo™ Studio 2.0, a dynamic drag-n-drop graphical environment and system configuration tool makes installation and customization of CasaWorks products even easier. These features are the result of a revolutionary new network transparent architecture found only in Cielo™, that make all devices, services, and user interface elements network aware. The integrator can simply select a component action from any device attached to a HLM controller on the network (i.e. the DVD player in the master bedroom), drag and drop the "Play" action to create a button on the page design template and then click the button and test the function in real time. Customizing the look and feel is as easy as dragging the desired button image to the design template and dropping it on the newly created "Play" button. The Cielo™ graphical rendering environment updates the page's artwork in real-time over the network. Saving the design will cause the user interface to be automatically updated on the target device where it can be tested immediately.

Other products require downloading the user interface files into the device manually using either a serial connection or via the master controller connected via the network. Each touch panel interface must be manually updated each and every time a change is made to the user interface. This means that a project with multiple touch panels will take an inordinate amount of time to update each panel anytime a change is needed. With Cielo™, all touch panels that use a common template are automatically updated over the network in real time as the template is modified and then saved in the user interface editor. This one feature represents an enormous improvement in capability over any other product.

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