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CasaWorks can automate and control all aspects of a buiness' facilities and provide one touch access to audio visual components now found in most conference rooms, training rooms, demo centers, and auditoriums. Our solutions can be used to provide a safe and comfortable work environment for your employees by integrating security, lighting, and climate control and providing ease of operation of all these systems. In addition our solutions can enhance communication by providing access to scheduling and maintaining these resources.

Conference Rooms

Make your presentations memorable by providing the right communications environment. CasaWorks can seamlessly integrate you climate controls, lighting control, and window treatments to provide just the right atmosphere for your next meeting. Add one touch control of your audio/video equipment including projectors, projection screen, DVD, media servers, VCR, microphones, computer applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint all available from a wireless touch panel.

Training Facilities

Whatever the subject, CasaWorks can deliver the latest in corporate training solutions. Fully integrate your company's products with an interactive presentation to aid in the training to your staff, customers, or resellers.

Demo Centers

At the touch of a button CasaWorks can invoke a complete product or service demonstration. Automate the control of your product demonstrations using integrated control of your environment. Have one touch access to activate lighting, adjust climate settings, raise or lower window shades and provide content management and delivery to multiple display systems including plasma monitors or video walls. Incorporate integrated control of demonstration kiosks or custom presentation areas including product simulations.


Provide theater-style presentations in larger auditoriums and venues with support for industrial stage lighting and acoustic systems. Integrate audio processors/mixers, microphones, cameras, and any other features required to provide the ultimate presentation environment for your speaker.

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