Residential - Solutions

CasaWorks can automate and control all aspects of your home including lighting, security, climate, window treatments, and entertainment. We have technology solutions for both new and existing homes. Our products support all popular wired and wireless technologies in the industry making CasaWorks a perfect choice for your next home control solution.

Lighting Control

Do you want security lights to come on at sunset and go off at sunrise. Or maybe you would like interior lights to set the mood for that formal dinner party with the touch of a button. Accent light your favorite painting or turn all the lights off when you arm the security system. CasaWorks can easily create a custom lighting control system you can control with the touch of a button or effortlessly manage your lights by adhering to your schedule. more >>

Integrated Security

With CasaWorks' Cielo Portal technology you can monitor your home from anywhere you go. Whether you are at work or on vacation access to your home's system can provide additional peace of mind. You can be notified via e-mail when the children arrive home from school and disarm the system. You can control your security system and view your security cameras from our secure portal. more >>

Climate Control

Automatically controlling your heating and air-conditioning can add comfort and energy savings. Adjust the temperature according to time of day or occupancy. Not only can it make it effortless to keep your home at just the right temperature it can save you money on your energy bill. more >>

Home Theater

From a dedicated home cinema experience to a multi-purpose media room for watching movies, playing video games, or just listening to music, CasaWorks has the solution for making it easy to get control of your components. Put all those remotes in a drawer and replace them with a simple and intuitive touch panel or single integrated hand-held remote. more >>

Distributed Audio

Choose from the latest media servers, satellite radio, or your portable media player and listen to music throughout your house. CasaWorks provide distributed audio support for multiple zones with centralized control for the whole house or localize control for a single room. Add popular docking station for iPod and integration support for iTunes and you have everything you need to enjoy your favorite music. more >>

Web Cameras

CasaWorks web camera solutions provide the latest in streaming technology for viewing cameras on the local area network or over the Internet. Live video streams can be viewed from anywhere with only a web browser. more >>

Consumer Device Integration

Add integrated support for your Bluetooth enabled cell phone to activate control from anywhere in the house. This feature turns you phone into a remote control for the home. With an intuitive control interface on your home PC you can also take control adjusting the settings for your home.

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