Lighting Control

With CasaWorks' integrated lighting solutions you can create custom lighting throughout your home or business.You can also use our solutions to help you create more than a beautifully-lit room but also provide automatic control to provide smart lighting solutions that help you save electricity. CasaWorks supports several industry leading lighting control systems such as CentraLite, Lutron HomeWorks, LiteTouch, and Vantage to automate and control lighting. CasaWorks also provides lighting solutions for retro-fit installation by supporting several wireless and power-line controlled light dimmers and switches using various control technologies including: Z-Wave, UPB, and Insteon.

Schedule Lights

Use a CasaWorks controller to execute lighting “scenes” to dim lights for a romantic dinner, adjust lights throughout the home for a party, or provide task lighting in the kitchen while cooking or cleaning up. Control preconfigured lighting scenes with the simple touch of a button on any CasaWorks touch screen or have the lighting controlled from another scene automatically dimming the lights when the movie starts.

Create a Lived-in Look

Use a CasaWorks controller to randomly cycle through controlled light loads in multiple rooms after sunset to create a lived-in look while you're away. Turn off all lights except security lights after 11:00 pm.

Save Energy

CasaWorks controller can be configured to schedule specific lights to turn on and off when not needed during the day. Security lights stay off in the children's room from 6 a.m. to sunset every day and all lights go off at 11:00 pm each night. Motion detectors on an integrated security system can automatically work with a CasaWorks controller to turn lights on when a room is in use, or turn lights off when the room is unoccupied.

Control Lights Remotely

Turn on path lights from a key fob remote signaling the security system to disarm upon arrival. Turn off lights on leaving by pressing ‘Away” on a touch screen or simply entering a four digit pin number at the security keypad. Turn off all the lights downstairs by pressing “Goodnight” on the upstairs bedroom touch screen.


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