Climate Control

Climate control in your home or business can be one of the most important features you can install to provide an added level of comfort and also help you save money on those soaring utility bills. Now your environment can be made even more comfortable with automated climate control from CasaWorks. Whether you simply want to control the temperature from a single thermostat or your system requires a more complex combination of multiple thermostats, motorized blinds, and remote temperature sensors, with CasaWorks it's easy to install a climate control solution that fits your lifestyle.

Installation is easier than you think because CasaWorks products combine climate controls with other system systems components to create a fully integrated solution for managing your environment. Here are just a few of the many ways you a seamlessly integrated and comfortable climate control system can be created..

Automated Climate Control

Automate any CasaWorks supported communicating thermostat or supported climate control system and its functions with a CasaWorks structured panel controller or choose any other CasaWorks controller. Set multiple heat and cool set points for different times of the day and days of the week. Set back thermostats automatically when the security system is armed in "Away" mode.

One Touch Control

Adjust the temperature from anywhere with any supported touch screen, keypad, remote control, or integrated device like your security panel and its keypad.

Save Energy with Integrated Window Converings

You can add motorized blinds and control them to go up or down based on interior temperature of the room, or the time of day.

Distributed Temperture Sensing

Add indoor temperature sensors to control multi-zone climate control, automatically adjusting the temperature for those areas that are difficult to keep at just the right temperature.


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