Distributed Audio

Bring music to every room of your home or business by using one of the many fully integrated CasaWorks multi-room audio solutions. Whether your audio requirements are very basic or very sophisticated, CasaWorks products make it easy to implement a solution that will fit your lifestyle. Installation and operation are simple because CasaWorks distributed audio solutions provide a single unified interface for selecting your audio sources and distributing them to any room.

Listen to Music in Every Room

Use the one of the many commercial audio matrix switches to route music from your audio sources to up to thirty-six individual audio zones. Connect a multi-channel amplifier to your audio matrix switch to send the amplified sound from your system to any room.

Distributed Digital Media

Store all your digital music on any of CasaWorks supported media server including Microsoft Media Center or an integrated Apple iPod solution like the iPort.

Intercom and Access Controls

CasaWorks supports intercom and access controls using fully integrated systems that provide door station call and reply, in-room point-to-point intercom, system wide paging, mutilple distinctive bell chimes to distinguish between multiple doors, and listen mode (can be set to act as a baby monitor). You can also configure advanced features like do-not-disturb that provides the ability to mute any audio zone for paging or doorbell chimes. Add a door strike release to allow entry on any door or gate at the press of a button on the intercom keypad.


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