Web Cameras

CasaWorks' web camera solutions can provide support for many applications including, day care monitoring, home and business secuirty, construction site monitoring and visual verification of remote equipment. Live video streams can be viewed from anywhere with only a web browser. Any configuration changes are also done remotely so there is no other software needed and no browser plug-ins required.

Integrated Solutions

Using CasaWorks unique media technology video conferencing and video messaging applications are also supported with the addition of a microphone input device on supported touch screen devices including touch screens, PDA, or personal computer.

Remote Cameras

CasaWorks web camera solutions work with any video sources (NTSC or PAL), and it can coincide with an existing CCTV network and allow your current security cameras to be viewed securely over the Internet via a authenticated link. If you don't have an existing security camera network, the CasaWorks web camera solution is the perfect way to start. Not only are CasaWorks web camera solutions priced lower than traditional security system technology, it gives you access to your cameras from anywhere in the world, something not possible with traditional security system technology.

PTZ Control

CasaWorks also provides integrated control of cameras and camera mounts that support pan, tilt, and zoom. Interactive control is provided from any integrated user device including touch sceens or over the Internet from a browser interface. These camera solutions provide the right amount of control necessary for many commerical and survelliance applications where a single camera is desired over a multiple fixed camera installation.

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