Integrated Security

CasaWorks provides integration support for many popular security panels and access control systems. The integration of security systems with other components of CasaWorks lighting and climate control solutions provides the ability to automatically provide standard features such as occupancy detection to turn on or turn off lights, control temperatures, and notify you when the security system is armed or disarmed.

Lighting Controls Integration

Using a CasaWorks controller you can configure path ligting to come on when the security system is disarmed from a wireless key chain remote. In addition the lights can be configured to automatically turn off after a specified delay upon selecting the "Goodnight" button from the master bedroom touch screen. Upon detecting an alarm event the security panel can flash the outdoor lights to alert first responders. You can also configure the security panel to turn on all the lights to help light a pathway to the nearest exit.

Climate Controls Integration

A CasaWorks integrated security solution can be configured to automatically set the temperature on arrival or departure. Disarming the panel can set the temperature to a comfortable setting and then set back the temperature when you arm the system in "Stay" or "Home" mode when you go to bed. Arming the panel in "Away" mode can set back the thermostats to the unoccupied temperature. With the appropriate automated air handling devices a "Fire alarm" condition can turn off air conditioning and close dampers to all areas preventing smoke from circulating.

Event Notification

Using a CasaWorks controller's integrated messaging capability the secuity system can notify you via e-mail when the system is armed or disarmed. This provides a simple way for you to know when the children arrive home from school. By entering their user pin code or disarming the system with a wireless key fob you will be notified immediately after the system is disarmed. This feature is also useful for knowing when other people such as cleaning staff or others that have authorized access to your home or business.

Remote Status and Monitoring

Using any CasaWorks controller connected to an integrated security panel with real-time zone status support you can check status of all the sensors attached to the security system. This can provide feedback to the touch screen interface about doors or windows that have been left open or provide occupancy status of different rooms using motion sensors. In addition the use of other sensors such as heat detectors, water sensors, CO2 senors can be configured to provide warnings of a potentially unsafe environment and to take the appropriate action. With CasaWorks secure remote access the system can be configured to show the current status from any web browser interface.



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