Digital Media

CasaWorks provides fully integrated support for several popular media servers that can store and manage your music, providing easy retrieval from virtually anywhere in your home or business. From solutions to support you iPod to multi-souce multi-zone solutions that supply mutilple streams of music simultaneously, ideal for use in a multiroom audio systems. CasaWorks can support full meta data for many media servers that provide currently playing artist, album, and song information delivered directly to your CasaWorks touch screen.

Manage Your Digital Media

You can load music from your CDs into the supported media server through a built-in CD-ROM reader or discover and transfer music files from your personal computer. Using easy-to-navigate screens on your TV or computer, most media servers allow you to organize the songs into playlists by genre or artist for random playback or create playlists to play them back in any order you want. CasaWorks provides a unique media technology that allows you to select your music preferences and applies those them to other scenes so that you can select a favorite party playlist or a relaxing classical selection for dinner.

Internet Radio

With a connection to the Internet CasaWorks allows you to enjoy Internet radio throughout your home from media servers that support this feature.

Digital Photos

CasaWorks also supports media servers that store and organizes digital photos, which you can show on your TV individually or as slide shows.

DVD Movies and Television

CasaWorks supports Microsoft Media Center which also allows you to play DVD movies and record and playback TV programming. CasaWorks support IP control of the MCE computer provide an integrated remote control capability for any supported CasaWorks touch screen or remote control.


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