Home Theater

You can have the latest in convenience and technology with CasaWorks' home theater solutions. No matter what size of room -- from a dedicated custom home theater with custom theater seating and acoustical treatments to a multi-purpose media room -- CasaWorks products make it easy to build a theater solution that fits your lifestyle. The possibilities are endless — and setup is easier and more affordable than you might have ever imagined. Here are just a few of the many CasaWorks features you can use to build and control a total unique home theater.

Integrate Theater Components

Start with your existing home theater components, including TV, surround receiver, and speakers or let CasaWorks design a complete theater solution from components available from any of our supported industry partners. CasaWorks can even design the utlmate integrated system that will automatically swich all the inputs on components, dim the lights, and serve the DVD controls to the touch panel -- all this from simply inserting a DVD disc into a communicating DVD player.

One Touch Control

Add automation with the CasaWorks Theater Controller and IR extender. Then put away the multiple remote controls and control everything from a unified user interface on one of many remote control options available. Use touch panel devices including any of the latest personal computing devices. Want a standard remote – CasaWorks supports several popular programmable remote controls that can be fully integrated to control the entire system. Even use a Bluetooth enabled cell phone as a remote control for your system.

Theater Lighting

Control lighting in the room automatically dimming the lights when the movie starts with CasaWorks supported wireless dimmers and lamp modules. Raise the lights to 50% when you select the “movie intermission” button on the touch panel or click “pause” on the remote.

Climate Control

Control the climate by additng control for a communicating thermostat . Adjust the cool set point a couple of degrees when the movie starts to maintain a comforable temperature.

Digtal Media and PVR

Add gigabytes of digital music and multi-room audio capabilities – as well as complete home theater and whole home automation – with full integration for Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005. Record your favorite shows and pause live TV automatically when you click the "TV Intermission" button.

Distributed Audio

Enable audio distribution from the theater room by adding a fully supported distributed audio switcher to provide access to satellite music or digital music to all the rooms throughout the home.


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